PowerDirector 17 keyboard shortcuts

PowerDirector 17

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
16 months ago
- Shortcuts
Ctrl + N

Create a new project

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + W

New workspace

Ctrl + O

Open existing project

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + W

Save project

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + S

Save project as

Ctrl + Q

Import media files

Ctrl + W

Import a media folder

Alt + F9

Switch to Capture module

Alt + F10

Switch to Produce module

Alt + F12

Switch to Burn (EZProducer / Create Disc) module

Alt + P

Display project properties

Alt + F4

Exit CyberLink PowerDirector

Ctrl + Z


Ctrl + Y


Ctrl + X


↑   Shift + X

Cut and leave gap

Ctrl + Alt + X

Cut and move clips on the same track

Alt + X

Cut and move all timeline clips after removed clip

Ctrl + C


Ctrl + V


Alt +

Move timeline selected object one frame left

Alt +

Move timeline selected object one frame right

↑   Shift +

Go to previous marker

↑   Shift +

Go to next marker

↑   Shift + M

Add marker at current timeline position

Alt + 2

Open Pan & Zoom function

Alt + 3

Open Magic Cut function

Alt + 6

Open Magic Movie Wizard


Modify (selected clip in PiP/Particle/Title Designer)

Ctrl + Alt + T

Open Trim window


Delete / Remove selected items

↑   Shift + Del

Remove and leave gap

Ctrl + Del

Remove and move clips on the same track

Alt + Del

Remove and move all timeline clips after removed clip

Ctrl + A

Select all

Ctrl + T

Split clip at current timeline slider position

Ctrl + P

Take a snapshot of content in the preview window

Ctrl + D

Detect scenes

Alt + H

Customize keyboard shortcuts

Alt + C

Open user preferences window

⭾ Tab

Switch between timeline / storyboard mode


Switch to Media Room


Switch to Effect Room


Switch to PiP Room


Switch to Particle Room


Switch to Title Room


Switch to Transition Room


Switch to Audio Mixing Room


Switch to Voice Over Room


Switch to Chapter Room


Switch to Subtitle Room


Zoom in on timeline ruler


Zoom out on timeline ruler

Alt + S

View SVRT information

Page Up

Switch to Clip mode

Page Down

Switch to Movie mode


Play / Pause

Ctrl + /



Previous unit (seek by frame, second, etc.)


Next unit (seek by frame, second, etc.)


Go to the beginning of clip / project


Go to the end of clip / project

Ctrl +

Go to previous clip in track (Clip mode)

Ctrl +

Go to next clip in track (Clip mode)

Alt +

Next second

Alt +

Previous second

Ctrl + G

Go to timecode

Ctrl + F

Fast forward

Ctrl + U

Adjust system volume

Ctrl + ⬅ Backspace

Mute / Mute off


Full screen


Open help file


Delete / Remove selected items

↑   Shift + F12

View keyboard shortcuts list

Alt + F4

Exit PowerDirector

Alt + R

Start / Stop recording


DV play / pause preview

Ctrl + /

DV stop preview

Ctrl + ,

DV rewind

Ctrl + .

DV fast forward

Alt + Y

Add text captions on captured video

Ctrl + A

Select all

Ctrl + ⭾ Tab

Filter media type in media library

Ctrl + D

Detect scenes

Ctrl + Q

Import media files

Ctrl + W

Import a media folder

Scroll timeline horizontally *

Alt +

Scroll timeline vertically *

Ctrl +

Zoom timeline in / out *

Ctrl +

(drop) Overwrite content on track when a clip is dropped on another clip

↑   Shift +

(drop) Move all clips on timeline to the right when a clip is dropped on another clip

Alt +

(drop) Lay the clip over the existing clip and add a transition between the two clips when a clip is dropped on another clip


Mark in


Mark out


Select camera 1 in MultiCam Designer


Select camera 2 in MultiCam Designer


Select camera 3 in MultiCam Designer


Select camera 4 in MultiCam Designer

(*) Note: This feature is only available in the subscription version of CyberLink PowerDirector.
Ctrl + B

Make text bold

Ctrl + I

Make text italic

Ctrl + L

Left-align text

Ctrl + E

Right-align text

← ↑ → ↓

Move object

Alt + D

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Program information

Program name: PowerDirector 17 PowerDirector 17 (Imaging)

PowerDirector is a video editing software with features such as trimming, joining, and overlaying clips and effects. Known with easy-to-use interface, PowerDirector is developed by CyberLink.

Web page: cyberlink.com/products/powerdi...

Last update: 17 Jan 2020

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How easy to press shortcuts: 84%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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Guest says: 5 months ago 4/27/2020 7:52 PM
Keys for the different power tools (Reverse, Crop&Zoom, Speed, Rotation, etc) would convince me to purchase a 365 subscription in itself. I would save enough time in my workday to warrant this running expense.

DIYPowerDirector says: 8 months ago 1/30/2020 1:38 PM
Add new captions?

tony says: 13 months ago 9/9/2019 7:51 PM
A shortcut for the "split timeline" key would be nice :)

Guest says in reply to tony : 3 months ago 6/26/2020 5:33 PM
Ctrl T splits the selected timeline where your marker is.