Tibia controls

Tibia controls

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- Shortcuts
Ctrl + A

Select all text in the field of focus

Ctrl + C

Copy the selected text into the clipboard

Ctrl + X

Cut the selected text and put it into the clipboard

Ctrl + V

Paste a copy of the text from the clipboard

↑   Shift + ↑  â†“

Browse through the recently sent text. If there is text in the console when this is initially used, an entry will be added to the list but the text will not be sent, so you can recover what was in the text field by pressing Shift + down

↑   Shift + ←  â†’

Move the text cursor left/right, allowing you to add or remove text at a different position

â­¾ Tab

Switch between channels

or ↑   Shift + â­¾ Tab
Ctrl + D

Switch to the Local Chat Channel

Ctrl + O

Open a new channel

Ctrl + E

Close the current channel

Ctrl + M

Show server messages in the current channel

Ctrl + I

Open the ignore and white lists

Alt + W

Tibia 11: Remove messages one-by-one in the order that they appeared on the Game Window

Ctrl + T

Open and switch to the Help Channel

Ctrl + R

Mount/dismount (if you have a mount)

Ctrl + H

Get online help for the client

Ctrl + T

Open the Help Channel to get help by experienced players

Ctrl + Z

Bug Report (only tutors)

Alt + F8

Show current framerate (frames per second) and ping

Alt + Home

/ End  Zoom the automap in or out

Alt + ← â†‘ â†’ â†“

Scroll on the automap

Alt + Page Up / Down

Switch the automap to a higher or lower floor


Stop any character action

Ctrl + Q

Log out from the game

or Ctrl + L
Alt + F4

Try exiting game (this shortcut isn't listed in official manual)

Ctrl + G

Log out and switch to another character of your account

Ctrl + P

Open/close VIP list

Ctrl + B

Open/close Battle Window

Ctrl + S

Open/close Skills Window

Ctrl + K

Assign texts, spells or actions to hotkeys

Ctrl + W

Remove statements from the game window

Ctrl + R

Mount or dismount

Ctrl + N

Hide the names and the status bars of the creatures on the game window

Ctrl + F

Switch to fullscreen mode or back to windowed mode

or Alt + ⤶ Enter
Ctrl +

(Classic Control off) 'Use' or 'Open' any item, container or object

or Ctrl +

(Classic Control on) 'Use' or 'Open' any item, container or object

↑   Shift +

(Classic Control off/on) 'Look' at any item, object, monster, NPC or character

or ↑   Shift +
← â†‘ â†’ â†“

Walk (not diagonally)

Num 8

(on numpad, num lock off) Walk (also diagonally)

or Num 4
or Num 6
or Num 2
↑   Shift + Num 8

(on numpad, num lock on) Walk (also diagonally)

or ↑   Shift + Num 4
or ↑   Shift + Num 6
or ↑   Shift + Num 2
Ctrl + ← â†‘ â†’ â†“

Change the direction your character is facing


(moving stacked items) The whole stack will be moved at once

↑   Shift

(moving stacked items) You will only move one stacked item at a time

Alt +

(Classic Control off/on) Start or to stop an attack to a monster or character

or Alt +

(Classic Control on) Start or to stop an attack to a monster or character

+ ↑   Shift

Changes slider step by 10

+ Ctrl

Changes slider step by 100

+ Ctrl + ↑   Shift

Changes slider step by 1000


(Healing / Support) Mana potion


(Healing / Support) Light healing


(Healing / Support) Intense healing


(Healing / Support) Ultimate healing


(Attack) Energy strike


(Attack) Flame strike


(Attack) Death strike


(Attack) Ice strike




Levitate up




Magic shield

↑   Shift + F1

(Healing / Support) Cancel invisibility

↑   Shift + F2

(Healing / Support) Antidote

↑   Shift + F3

(Healing / Support) Find person

↑   Shift + F4

(Healing / Support) Create illusion

↑   Shift + F5

(Attack) Terra strike

↑   Shift + F6

(Attack) Fire wave

↑   Shift + F7

(Attack) Energy wave

↑   Shift + F8

(Attack) Energy beam

↑   Shift + F9


↑   Shift + F10

Levitate up

↑   Shift + F11


↑   Shift + F12

Magic shield

Ctrl + F1

(Healing / Support) Destroy field

Ctrl + F2

(Healing / Support) Magic wall

Ctrl + F3

(Healing / Support) Desintegrate

Ctrl + F4

(Healing / Support) HMM

Ctrl + F5

(Attack) GEB

Ctrl + F6

(Attack) Hell's coore

Ctrl + F7

(Attack) Rage of the skies

Ctrl + F8

(Attack) Sudden death

Ctrl + F9


Ctrl + F10


Ctrl + F11


Ctrl + F12

Wild growth

Source: Tibia Wikia

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Program information

Program name: Tibia Tibia (Games)

Tibia is a MMORPG developed by CipSoft. First released in January 1997, it is one of the oldest MMORPGs.

Web page: tibia.com

Last update: 14 Sep 2020

Shortcut count: 96

How easy to press shortcuts: 83%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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