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Shop Titans (PC)

Random Shop Titans (PC) shortcut

Tab   Go to City screen

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Myth of Empires (PC)

Random Myth of Empires (PC) shortcut

Num 6   Attack right

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Random Quip shortcut

⌘ Cmd + ⌥ Option + O   Search for a document, folder or conversation

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NVDA Screen Reader

Random NVDA Screen Reader shortcut

Alt +   Open combo box

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Random Ditto shortcut

Ctrl + V   Paste Clips between Groups (this does not use the Windows Clipboard)

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Random SECURECRT 8.7 shortcut

Ctrl + Tab   Navigate between tabs

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Altium Designer

Random Altium Designer shortcut

Num 1 - Num 9   Switch to routing on the corresponding routing (signal) layer (dropping a via to do so). The number can be obtained from the prefix to the layer name ([n]), on the layer tab at the bottom of the main workspace. Alternatively, the number can be acquired from the pop-up window accessed through the Ctrl + L shortcut.

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Random Salesforce shortcut

⌘ Cmd + ↑   Shift + G   (macOS) Find previous

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AVS Video Editor 9.1

Random AVS Video Editor 9.1 shortcut

Ctrl + [   Mark in (Left bound)

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