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Spelunky 2 (PC)

Random Spelunky 2 (PC) shortcut


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Random Narrator shortcut

R   Move to the next radio button

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Adobe Illustrator (Mac)

Random Adobe Illustrator (Mac) shortcut

  (click Live Paint Selection tool) Select all faces/edges with same fill/stroke

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Random MindMeister shortcut

Ctrl + M   Open Context Menu

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Rogue Company (PC)

Random Rogue Company (PC) shortcut

Z   (hold) Emote

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Corel Photo-Paint 2021

Random Corel Photo-Paint 2021 shortcut

Ctrl + S   Save

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The Talos Principle 2 (keyboard, Xbox)

Random The Talos Principle 2 (keyboard, Xbox) shortcut

  Toggle perspective

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Oppressor MK II

Random Oppressor MK II shortcut

X   Boost

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High on Life (keyboard, Xbox)

Random High on Life (keyboard, Xbox) shortcut


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Dominions 5

Random Dominions 5 shortcut

Ctrl + Home   Select pretender

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