GeForce Experience and GeForce Now keyboard shortcuts

GeForce Experience and GeForce Now

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- Shortcuts
Alt + Z

Share overlay UI

Alt + F1

Take screenshot and save it to gallery

Ctrl + Win + Alt + F1

Entire desktop screenshot

Alt + F12

Toggle FPS counter on/off

Alt + F10

Save the last 5 minutes recorded

Alt + F9

Toggle manual recording on/off and save


Alt + F8

Toggle broadcasting on/off

Alt + F7

Pause/resume broadcasting

Alt + F6

Toggle camera on/off while broadcasting

Alt + F5

Toggle custom overlay on/off while broadcasting

GeForce Now is cloud gaming service of Nvidia. We have covered it here.
Ctrl + G

Toggle in-game overlay

Ctrl + 1

Save a screenshot

Ctrl + ↑  Shift + 0

Toggle instant replay on / off

Ctrl + 0

Save last recorded minutes / seconds

Ctrl + 9

Start / Stop recording

Ctrl + M

Toggle microphone

Ctrl + Alt + F6

(When playing a game) Advanced gaming stats

⌥ Opt + ⌘ Cmd + F6

(Mac, When playing a game) Advanced gaming stats

Note: On a MacBook, you may need to press fn + 6 to for the F6 command.

Here is what the numbers mean in the stats

First Line

###fps – average frame rate, based on frame-to-frame present time
ft:###ms – average frame-to-frame receive time from server
fj:###ms – average frame-to-frame receive time jitter (negative = early, positive = late)
r:##mb – average streaming rate
bwu:##% - bandwidth utilization as percentage.

Second Line

######## - ~frame number
rtd: ###ms – round trip delay from client to server
pl: ### - packet loss (note there may be more than one packet per video frame)
%cpu: ##.# - on mac, the percentage of 1 core the process is using.  (> 100% means using more than 1 core).  Should be similar to Activity Monitor on Mac.

Third Line

b: ####ms – ‘begin’ time – the latency between receipt of packet to start of processing
d: ####ms – ‘decode’ time – the latency from begin to decode complete
r: ####ms – ‘render’ time – the latency from decode complete to render complete
p:####ms – ‘present’ time – the latency from render complete to post-swap-buffers
t: ####ms – ‘total’ time – add up all of the above for total latency through the client.

Fourth Line

wr: ###x### - window resolution
sr: ###x### - streaming resolution (may vary due to network quality)
sq: ### - ‘q score’ – or Quality score represents the overall streaming quality that the user is currently experiencing, where 100 is perfect and values near 0 are unplayable
e: #### - number of input events processed

Fifth Line

gpu: ####### - type of GPU used on the server for this session
input: alt|sdl - alt: using direct input events from system, sdl: using input events from SDL library

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Program information

Program name: GeForce Experience and GeForce Now GeForce Experience and GeForce Now (System tools)

GeForce Experience is a companion application for Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. It keeps drivers up to date, optimizes game settings, and allows sharing of gaming recordings.

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Last update: 12/22/2023 12:02 PM UTC

How easy to press shortcuts: 76%

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? Guest OP says : 8 months ago 8/17/2023 8:37 PM
How can i make the @ Symbol for a Email Login? I Know the shortcut on the Keyboard, but when i try it nothing Happens (i need it to log into my Genshin Account)
Zeynel Admin says in reply to Guest : 4 months ago 12/22/2023 12:09 PM
A bit late reply, but have you tried to copy @ sign by pressing Ctrl +C and then paste it with Ctrl + V?
? Guest OP says : 4 years ago 5/7/2020 6:58 PM
how can i get this keyboad off of my screen im tryna play
fortnite and its controling my game im on a
? Amos OP says : 5 years ago 4/21/2019 9:46 PM
Is there some way to copy & paste between macos and the game session?
? Guest says in reply to Amos : 4 years ago 6/27/2020 8:40 PM