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WinRAR can be controlled almost fully with keyboard too. WinRAR shortcuts will allow you to archive and extract your files faster, and much more.

Ctrl + \

Go to root folder

⬅ Backspace

Go back to previous folder

Ctrl + O

Open archive

Ctrl + D

Change drive

Ctrl + P

Set default password

Ctrl + C

Copy files to clipboard

Ctrl + V

Paste files from clipboard

Ctrl + A

Select All


Select group (use numeric keypad)


Deselect group (use numeric keypad)


Invert selection (use numeric keypad)

Alt + A

Add files to archive

Alt + E

Extract to specified folder

Alt + T

Test archived files

Alt + V

View file


Delete files


Rename file

Ctrl + I

Print file

Alt + W

Extract without confirmation

Alt + M

Add archive comment

Alt + P

Protect archive from damage

Alt + L

Lock archive

Alt + D

Scan archive for viruses

Alt + Q

Convert archives

Alt + R

Repair archive

Alt + X

Convert archive to SFX


Find files

Alt + I

Show information

Alt + G

Generate report

Alt + B


Ctrl + F

Add to favorites

Ctrl + S


Ctrl + H

File list - Flat folders view

Ctrl + T

Folder tree - Show archive folders

Ctrl + L

View log

Ctrl + E

Name encoding

Alt + H

Help menu


Help topics

Alt + F

File menu

Alt + C

Commands menu

Alt + S

Tools menu

Alt + O

Favorites menu

Alt + N

Options menu

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Program information

Program name: WinRAR (File manager)

WinRAR is one of the most popular file compressing tool which is famous with it's powerful command line options and solid RAR compression.

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Last update: 24 Jan 2019

Shortcut count: 44

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