Shortcut stats

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Games in database: 751

TalkDesk Callbar

Random TalkDesk Callbar shortcut

Alt + M   Mute call

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Magic: The Gathering Arena

Random Magic: The Gathering Arena shortcut

Q   (hold) Float stack

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No Man's Sky

Random No Man's Sky shortcut

S   Move backward

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Far Cry 6 (PC)

Random Far Cry 6 (PC) shortcut

Q   Place domino into main position

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Random DOSBox shortcut

Ctrl + F5   Save a screenshot (goes to capture folder)

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AKKO 3068

Random AKKO 3068 shortcut

9   Skip forward (audio)

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RStudio (Mac)

Random RStudio (Mac) shortcut

⌘ Cmd + I   Reindent lines

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Evernote for Windows (legacy)

Random Evernote for Windows (legacy) shortcut

Ctrl + C   Copy

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