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- Shortcuts
Note: Right now, we cover Maple Windows shortcuts here. For Unix and Mac shortcuts, please refer to Maple documentation.
Ctrl + Space

Complete Command

or Esc

Cursor to Start of Line


Cursor to End of Line

Ctrl + Home

Cursor to Top of Worksheet

Ctrl + End

Cursor to Bottom of Worksheet

Ctrl +

Move to Bottom of Execution Group

Ctrl +

Move to Top of Execution Group

Ctrl +

Move to Beginning of next text or symbol

Ctrl +

Move to Beginning of text or symbol, or previous text or symbol

↑   Shift + ⤶ Enter

Soft New Line

⭾ Tab

Move cursor down to next input region

↑   Shift + ⭾ Tab

Move cursor up to previous input region


Escape next character for entering "^"

Ctrl + ⭾ Tab

Move forward through multiple open worksheet and document tabs in a Maple window

or Ctrl + Page Down
Ctrl + ↑   Shift + ⭾ Tab

Move backward through multiple open worksheet and document tabs in a Maple window

or Ctrl + Page Up
Ctrl + ↑   Shift + ⤶ Enter

Execute entire worksheet

Alt + F

Open File Menu

Alt + E

Open Edit Menu

Alt + V

Open View Menu

Alt + I

Open Insert Menu

Alt + R

Open Format Menu

Alt + T

Open Tools Menu

Alt + W

Open Window Menu

Alt + H

Open Help Menu

Alt + F + D

Send Email with attached worksheet

Alt + F + M

Recent Documents Menu

Ctrl + N

New Document/Worksheet (based on Options dialog setting)

Ctrl + O

Open Worksheet

Ctrl + F4

Close Current Worksheet

Ctrl + S

Save Worksheet

Ctrl + P

Print Worksheet

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + P

Page Setup

Alt + F4

Exit Maple

Ctrl + Z


Ctrl + Y


Ctrl + X

Cut Selection to Clipboard

Ctrl + C

Copy Selection to Clipboard

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + M

Copy Selection as MathML

Ctrl + V

Paste Selection from Clipboard

Ctrl + Del

Delete an Element

Ctrl + A

Select All

Ctrl + Alt + ↑   Shift + D

Select document block

Ctrl + Alt + ↑   Shift + E

Select execution group

Ctrl + Alt + ↑   Shift + S

Select section

Ctrl + F



Switch between Text and Math mode


Split Execution Groups


Join Execution Group


Interrupt current operation


Slideshow mode

(To split/join with the previous execution group, place the cursor at the start of the Maple input.)
(To split/join with the lower execution group, place the cursor at the end of the Maple input.)
↑   Shift + F3

Split Sections

↑   Shift + F4

Join Sections

⤶ Enter

Evaluate Expression

Alt + ⤶ Enter

Evaluate and Display Inline (U.S. and International keyboards)

Ctrl + =

Evaluate and Display Inline (U.S. keyboards)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + A

Convert the selected expression into an atomic identifier (2-D math only)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + U

Enter units

Alt + C

Collapse code edit region

Alt + X

Expand code edit region

Ctrl + 0

Default Zoom Factor

Ctrl + 1

Zoom Factor...75%

Ctrl + 2

Zoom Factor...100%

Ctrl + 3

Zoom Factor...125%

Ctrl + 4

Zoom Factor...150%

Ctrl + 5

Zoom Factor...200%

Ctrl + 6

Zoom Factor...300%

Ctrl + 7

Zoom Factor...400%

Ctrl +

Zoom in or out from worksheet


Show Region Ranges

↑   Shift + F9

Show Section Ranges

Ctrl + T

Text Input Mode

Ctrl + M

Maple Input Mode

Ctrl + R

2-D Math Mode

Ctrl + L

Label Mode

Ctrl + ⤶ Enter

Insert Page Break

Ctrl + J

Insert Execution Group After Cursor

Ctrl + K

Insert Execution Group Before Cursor

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + J

Insert Paragraph After

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + K

Insert Paragraph Before

Ctrl + B

Bold Style Attribute (text or Maple input)

Ctrl + I

Italic Style Attribute (text or Maple input)

Ctrl + U

Underline (text or Maple input)

Ctrl + .

Enclose Section in Subsection (Indent)

Ctrl + ,

Remove Section Enclosing Selection (Outdent)




Quick Help Pop-up Menu


Context-sensitive Help

Ctrl + F1

Help Table of Contents

Ctrl + F2

Maple Quick Reference Card

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + C

Increase number of columns of table (Matrix, or Vector)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + R

Increase number of rows of table (Matrix, Vector, or piecewise function)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + E

Launch the startup code editor

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + I

User Profile dialog box

Alt + Space

Access Window Menu

Alt + Space then M

Move Window

Alt + Space then S

Size Window

Alt + Space then N

Minimize Window

Alt + Space then X

Maximize Window

Alt + Space then C

Close Window

Alt + Space then E then K

Mark Text for Copying

↑   Shift +

Select Marked Text

Alt + Space then E then Y

Copy Selected Text

Alt + Space then E then P

Paste Copied Text

Alt + Space then E then L

Scroll Window

Alt + Space then P

Change Window Properties

Ctrl + B

Cursor Left

Ctrl + F

Cursor Right

Ctrl + A

Move to the Beginning of the Line

Ctrl + E

Move to the End of the Line

Ctrl + W

Move One Word Right

Ctrl + Y

Move One Word Left

Ctrl + ]

Move to Matching Parenthesis, Brace, or Square Bracket

Ctrl + D

Delete (to Right of Cursor), or Exit Maple (if on a Blank Line)

Ctrl + H

Backspace (to Left of Cursor)

Ctrl + X

or Clear the Line

Ctrl + K

Clear to the End of Line

Ctrl + U

Undo Changes to the Line

Ctrl + P

Previous Command From the History

Ctrl + N

Next Command From the History

Ctrl + R

Find Matching Command From the History

Ctrl + Space

or Command Completion

Ctrl + T

Show Completion Matches

Ctrl + C

Interrupt the Currently Executing Command

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + _

Stop the Currently Executing Command in the Debugger

Ctrl + V

Toggle Insert or Overwrite Mode

Ctrl + L

Redraw the Current Prompt and Any Text Entered


Command/Symbol Completion


Enter/Exit 2-D Math

⤶ Enter

Evaluate Expression

Alt + ⤶ Enter

Evaluate and Display Inline (Document Mode)

↑   Shift + ^

Superscript (1)

Ctrl + Alt + B

Indexed Subscript (1)

_ then _

(two underscores) Literal Subscript (1) (subscripted variable name)


Fraction (1)

or / then /
Ctrl + Alt + U

Underscript (1)

Ctrl + Alt + O

Overscript (1)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + R

New Row in Matrix, Vector, or a Piecewise Expression

Ctrl + Alt + P

Pre-Superscript (1)

Ctrl + Q

Pre-Subscript (1)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + G

Greek Mode (Next Character Entered as Greek)


Escape Next Character (For Entering "^")

Ctrl + Alt + K

Scope Out

Ctrl + Alt + J

Scope In

Ctrl + Alt + L

Return Cursor to Baseline

1 Use right arrow key to leave denominator, numerator, superscript, or subscript region
Note: For lowercase Greek letters, type the letter lowercase.

A or α


B or β


X or χ


Δ or δ


E or ε


Φ or φ


Γ or γ


H or η


I or ι


ϑ or ϕ


K or κ


Λ or λ


M or μ


N or ν


O or ο


Π or π


Θ or θ


P or ρ


Σ or σ


T or τ


Υ or υ


ς or ϖ


Ω or ω


Ξ or ξ


Ψ or ψ


Z or ζ

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