What is ⌘ Cmd + ↑   Shift + R keyboard shortcut for?

This shortcut is used by 32 programs in our database.

There isn't any generic description for this shortcut.

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What this shortcut does in different programs?

  1. Xcode - Build For Running
  2. Google Sheets (Mac) - Right align
  3. IntelliJ IDEA (macOS) - Replace in path
  4. Apple macOS - Open the AirDrop window
  5. Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac) - Right

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All programs using this shortcut, by category.


Apple iBooks - Hide or show the format bar

Apple macOS - Open the AirDrop window

Skype - Start an audio call

Text editing

TextMate - Run


Adobe Animate CC (Mac) - Export to .swf, .spl, .gif and so on

Adobe Illustrator (Mac) - Align paragraph right

Adobe Lightroom Classic (Mac) - Reset all settings

Adobe Photoshop Elements (Mac) - (when Horizontal Type tool or Horizontal Type Mask tool selected) Align right

Adobe Photoshop Elements (Mac) - (when Vertical Type tool or Vertical Type Mask tool selected) Align bottom

Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac) - Right

Canva (Mac) - Right align text

Corel Painter (Mac) - Resize

Final Cut Pro X - Reveal the selected event clip’s source media file in the Finder

Xcode - Build For Running

Developer tools

Git Tower (Mac) - Rebase

IntelliJ IDEA (macOS) - Replace in path

IntelliJ IDEA (macOS) - Run context configuration from editor

JetBrains WebStorm (macOS) - Replace in path

RStudio (Mac) - Insert code section

File manager

Adobe Bridge CC (Mac) - Batch rename

Apple Finder - Open AirDrop window

Media player

iTunes 11 for Mac - Show where a song file is located

Social & Messaging

Cisco Webex - Rotate the page right

Twitterrific 6 - Refresh


Ableton Live 10 (Mac) - Export Audio/Video

Airmail - Reply All

Google Sheets (Mac) - Right align

iPad Smart Keyboard - Open Reader mode

iPad Smart Keyboard - Reply All

iPad Smart Keyboard - Reply all

Things (iPad) - Make to-do or project repeating

Things (Mac) - Make to-do or project repeating

Note: This page includes variations for Command + Shift + R
Shift + Command + R
Command + Shift + R. Restrict to only Command + Shift + R.

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